Due to some bad habits of children and parents’ attention to their children’s oral health, many children need to have their teeth straightened in childhood. So, what are the ways to straighten children’s teeth?

Orthodontics for children
  1. Functional sedan chair: It is necessary to wear a functional sedan chair, which is suitable for children who are in the period of mixed teeth or who have just changed their teeth and are still at the peak of their growth and development.
  1. Movable orthodontic treatment: It is necessary to wear movable orthodontic appliances, which are generally used for the correction of relatively simple malocclusion in deciduous teeth and mixed teeth.
  2. Fixed orthodontics: It is also necessary to wear aligners, but the aligners cannot be removed at will, and it is mainly done by doctors. From this point, we can know that the fixed correction process is shorter than the active correction. It is the most commonly used appliance in clinical practice and has high orthodontic efficacy. There are labial appliances and lingual appliances.
  3. Orthognathic surgery: You may or may not need to wear orthodontic appliances, such as maxillary protrusion, maxillary hypoplasia, mandibular protrusion, mandibular retraction, etc. These simple orthodontic treatments cannot improve facial shape well. Combined orthodontic treatment is required.

Precautions for children’s orthodontics

Maintain oral hygiene

In the process of orthodontic treatment, wearing braces will inevitably affect eating. After every meal, your teeth will get stuck in a lot of meals, so you need to pay special attention to oral hygiene. Brush your teeth carefully after meals, preferably with a dedicated toothbrush.

Tooth decalcification

Some people have square marks on their teeth after they have their braces removed. This is decalcification caused by poor oral hygiene. Slight decalcification can be gradually improved through dietary conditioning after the braces are removed.

Diet attention

During the process of orthodontic treatment, you should also pay attention to dietary issues, do not eat hard food, try to let your child eat some sticky food, and let your child eat less hard food that will affect the aligner, such as bones, nuts, fried food, etc.

After teeth straightening

After the child’s teeth are straightened, it is best to wear the retainer for a period of time, otherwise, it is prone to rebound. At the same time, parents should urge their children to pay attention to protecting their teeth.

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