At the age of 12, the child’s teeth have basically been replaced, and it is a good time to straighten the teeth.

However, when choosing braces, many parents will find it difficult to choose. Choosing traditional steel braces is worried about their children’s inferiority, and choosing invisible braces is worried that they are not suitable for children.

Invisible braces and traditional braces

In fact, for teenagers, wearing traditional steel braces does have some psychological burden, which is not conducive to the mental health development of children during adolescence. At the same time, when the bracket appliance is first worn, it is easy to wear the oral mucosa, causing oral ulcers and making the child feel pain.

Therefore, in contrast, invisible braces will be more suitable for teenagers.

What are the advantages of invisible braces for teenagers?

1. For some malocclusions, the effect is better

For example, for the common malocclusion such as “mandibular retraction”, the invisible correction has a functional correction technique with forwarding mandibular guidance, which can obtain a good and fast curative effect, which is better than traditional wire correction.

For another example, the special ability of transparent braces to “remote molars” reduces the chance of tooth extraction.

invisible braces

2. Replacement teeth can also be corrected

For children with mixed teeth, the choice of wire braces may have certain limitations, and some orthodontists will recommend waiting for the teeth to be replaced before orthodontic treatment.

Invisible orthodontic treatment does not need to wait. It can precisely calculate the width of the unerupted teeth according to the width of the opposite teeth of the adolescent. During the correction, the gap can be lined up to leave a gap for the ungrown teeth, which is more conducive to the eruption of the teeth of the adolescent.

Invisible Teeth Straightening for Teens

Second, invisible aligners provide orthodontists with free five-year additional aligners. This means that it is possible to intervene in the correction in the early stage, make the child’s teeth aligner earlier, and complete the replacement of the teeth in the later stage, and it can also do a second fine adjustment, that is, spend one time and do two orthodontics.

3. Helps develop mental health in adolescents

Invisible braces are relatively invisible and are not easily found in normal social interactions. Avoiding the trouble of being nicknamed, especially for children who are not very confident since childhood, has a very important role in their mental health development.

4. Few dental emergencies

Because the wire braces have wire brackets in the mouth, there may be emergency situations such as wire sticking in the mouth, brackets falling off, etc., and you must go to the doctor urgently.

wire braces

Invisible braces are made of medical polymer materials, there are no brackets, and there will be no emergency situations such as piercing the mouth. Long-term wearing in the oral cavity will not affect human health, and it is relatively comfortable to wear.

5. Save time, flexible follow-up

The follow-up visit for wire braces is generally once a month, while for invisible braces, the follow-up visit is about 3-4 months. You can also make an appointment with the doctor according to the study time, and the time is more flexible.

6. Easier to clean and avoid white spots

Wire braces have brackets on the tooth surface for a long time. If you cannot brush your teeth well, it is difficult to avoid food residues from accumulating around the brackets for a long time, and orthodontic leukoplakia will appear after the correction.

Braces Oral Hygiene

Invisible braces can be removed and worn freely, and the aligners can be removed when brushing your teeth so that you can maintain good oral hygiene as usual.

Of course, not all doctors are qualified to do invisible orthodontics. Parents who want to wear invisible braces for their children must go to a regular dental institution and choose a qualified orthodontist!

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