When there is a problem with the arrangement or occlusion of the child’s teeth, parents often choose to orthodontist their child, but there are still many parents who do not know much about orthodontics.

Orthodontics for children

For example, when to straighten your teeth.

A parent asked in the background that the child’s teeth were crooked during the tooth replacement process, and the chin was also significantly affected. But I feel that the child is only 7 years old and the teeth have not been completely replaced. I am worried that it is too early for the child to undergo orthodontic treatment. Should I wait until the child’s 12 or 13-year-old teeth have been replaced and then undergo a one-time correction.

It is not too early for a 7-year-old child to have teeth straightened.

seven year old

First of all, the early intervention of teeth, try to start before the age of 3 or 3 years old.

When the child is 2 to 3 years old, the deciduous teeth completely erupt, and the mandibular joint is grown. It is generally recommended that parents take their children to the stomatology department for the first orthodontic screening before the age of 3 or 3, to timely detect the misalignment and misalignment of teeth that may occur in the early stage of the child (such as ground wrapping). And other issues.

crooked teeth

You must know that problems such as tooth arrangement and occlusion are not only the problems of the teeth themselves but also closely related to the development of the jaw. If it is found that the child has signs of these problems, the parents need to seek the help of the doctor in time, and the doctor will carry out an early preventive correction, so as not to affect the child’s jaw development, resulting in jaw development deformity, which will affect the face.

Moreover, during the screening process, the doctor will also prompt some daily habits to protect teeth and jaw bone development, which can also promote the child’s jaw bone development to a certain extent.

Secondly, the tooth replacement period starting at the age of 6 or 7 is the beginning of the treatment of jaw development problems.

Children's tooth replacement period

During the period of tooth replacement, the child’s bone development is relatively rapid. When the child has finished changing the teeth, the dental problem may have developed into a more serious jaw development problem, and it is difficult to correct it to the ideal level, which is equivalent to artificially delaying the child’s teeth. Correction time.

It is generally recommended that if the child has jaw development problems, it can be corrected at the beginning of the replacement teeth at the age of 6 or 7, and if it is later, it should be corrected before the end of the replacement teeth at the age of 12 and 13.

Therefore, if you find that your child needs orthodontic treatment, you must seek the help of a professional orthodontist as soon as possible, and ask the doctor to evaluate whether or not to orthodontic and when to orthodontic. so as not to delay the child’s golden period of correction.

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