“There were no cavities before the orthodontic treatment, but after the braces were removed, several cavities were found. So, is it more likely to have cavities when wearing braces?”

The orthodontic treatment itself will not cause tooth decay. The reason for tooth decay is that the oral cleaning work when wearing braces is not done well, so I feel more prone to tooth decay than ordinary people.


Especially for those who wear fixed braces, the appliance is fixed on the teeth, and it is not easy to clean up when brushing the teeth. The plaque and bacteria remaining in the crevices and corners continue to accumulate and ferment, which provides conditions for tooth decay.

Therefore, to solve the problem of tooth decay, cleaning the mouth is the key!

Tooth decay

With the obstruction of braces, daily cleaning work has become not so easy, which requires some special gadgets, let’s take a look at the 5 necessary cleaning tools for braces people:

1. Orthodontic toothbrush

Orthodontic toothbrush

Orthodontic toothbrushes are generally recommended by your doctor—the bristles are pointed and target hard-to-reach areas, such as molars and wisdom teeth, to provide a thorough cleaning of your teeth.

Some people ask if it is possible to use a sonic electric toothbrush, and it is possible.

2. Interdental brush

interdental brush

The gap between the teeth is the worst place to clean, and the interdental brush can solve this problem very well.

There are various sizes of interdental brushes, the thin ones can pass through the interdental spaces to clean the spaces between the teeth, and the thick ones can straighten the line and the dead corners of the tooth surface. And the interdental brush is easy to carry, you can also take it with you when you go out to eat.

3. Dental floss

dental floss

Use dental floss to remove the vegetable residues caught between the teeth. After every meal and before going to bed, use dental floss to thoroughly clean every gap between the teeth.

4. Mouthwash


After brushing your teeth, you can use mouthwash to rinse your mouth to sterilize the parts that cannot be cleaned by a toothbrush to assist in cleaning your teeth, but mouthwash cannot replace brushing your teeth.

5. Dental irrigator

dental irrigator

During the period of wearing braces, every time you eat food, you must do simple cleaning. If you can, it is recommended to buy a dental irrigator, which is convenient and quick and can flush out the food remaining in the teeth in time.


When you do a good job of oral hygiene, whether you wear fixed braces or removable invisible braces, you no longer have to worry about tooth decay. But if there is already tooth decay, the only way to find a dentist is in time to fill it!

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