I have seen many people wearing braces to straighten their teeth, and there is a strange object on the braces – “rubber band”, what does this thing do?

Friends who want to straighten their teeth or are about to straighten their teeth can learn about this small, big-acting teeth straightening assistant in advance – orthodontic rubber band!

Orthodontic Rubber Band

1. What is an orthodontic rubber band?

In layman’s terms, an orthodontic rubber band is an auxiliary tool for orthodontic correction, which is usually hung between the upper and lower two or several teeth.

This inconspicuous rubber band acts on the teeth and arches and plays an important role in the orthodontic process.

The unique elasticity of the rubber band can adjust the occlusal relationship of the teeth to a relatively ideal state, which not only greatly improves the chewing function, but also relieves gastrointestinal pressure; at the same time, it can also pull the teeth to the expected position, adjust the midline, and close the post-extraction. improve the aesthetics of the teeth.

Orthodontic rubber bands improve the appearance of teeth

2. Do I have to wear a rubber band for teeth straightening?

Not all corrections require hanging rubber bands.

Whether or not to hang the rubber band depends on the actual situation of the orthodontist. If your doctor does not let you hang, it is normal, but if your doctor tells you that you need to hang, you must follow the doctor’s order.

3. Precautions for wearing rubber bands:

Precautions with orthodontic rubber bands

Sometimes I wear orthodontic rubber bands, sometimes I don’t

In order to maintain continuous and stable traction, orthodontic rubber bands should be worn 24 hours a day and can be removed when eating. If you don’t wear it from time to time, the traction effect will be reduced, or even will not work, and the correction effect will also be affected.

Do not increase the number of orthodontic rubber bands yourself

Some people don’t listen to the doctor’s advice to wear more in order to make the teeth move faster, which will cause damage to the teeth. What kind of rubber band to give and how many to hang are all carefully considered by the doctor, and you must not make up your own mind.

Cannot be replaced frequently or once for a long time

Frequent replacement of rubber bands will keep the teeth in a state of stress, and there is no rest time, resulting in tooth damage; prolonging the replacement time will reduce the elasticity of the rubber bands and reduce the effect on the teeth, so the rubber bands should be replaced regularly according to the doctor’s advice.

4. What should I do if I accidentally swallow a rubber band?

The rubber band is relatively small, and it may be accidentally swallowed when you take it off, but don’t worry, the orthodontic rubber band is food-safe and harmless to the human body. Just replace it with a new rubber band.

Tips: Wearing orthodontic rubber bands correctly is very helpful for orthodontic correction. Don’t refuse to wear them because of the troublesome wearing of rubber bands.

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