Many orthodontics patients feel that 1.5-2 years of orthodontic treatment is too long, so they ask the doctor whether the treatment time can be shortened.

Orthodontic model

Can orthodontics speed things up?

The essence of orthodontics is to move the teeth. The principle is to apply a certain external force to the teeth by wearing braces, so that the alveolar bone can absorb and rebuild the activities, thereby moving the teeth.


Teeth grow in the alveolar bone, and the root of the tooth is like the root of a tree growing in the soil. However, the teeth are not fixed in the alveolar bone but stand in the alveolar bone with a certain elasticity.

There is a layer of the periodontal ligament between the teeth and the alveolar bone. The elasticity and toughness of the periodontal ligament will allow our teeth to have a certain degree of loosening and avoid damage. Of course, this loosening is so slight that it is almost imperceptible.

Orthodontics makes use of the movable nature of the teeth, applying a certain force on the teeth, and the teeth can move slowly. Our fixed appliances and invisible braces first apply force to the crown, then the force will be transmitted to the root, and finally, the alveolar bone and the tooth will start to move.

Teeth straightening effect

What’s the harm in moving your teeth too fast?

There is a limit to how fast the teeth can move during the orthodontic process. Generally speaking, teeth move at a rate of about 1mm per month, and moving too fast can cause damage to the teeth, which can lead to loosening.

Before orthodontic treatment, the doctor will formulate a suitable orthodontic treatment plan according to the severity of the dental problem of each patient. The treatment time of each patient is also different, and the total time is generally about 1.5-2 years.

Orthodontic patients

Some patients want to shorten the treatment time, do not follow the scientific laws and the actual situation of the individual, and ask the doctor to increase the treatment intensity and speed up the treatment. As a result, not only the tooth pain is unbearable, but it is they are ultimately hurt.

To do orthodontic treatment, the teeth must be moved smoothly under the action of appropriate orthodontic force. Too little force will not work, and too much force may cause periodontal tissue damage. After the injury, periodontal tissue needs a certain amount of time to repair, which will prolong the speed of correction, which is not worth the loss.

Therefore, in the process of correction, we must follow scientific laws, strictly follow the doctor’s advice, and cannot blindly seek speed.

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