The problem of teeth has always been a problem for many beauty lovers. If the teeth are not neat, it will not only make the smile look unsightly, but also affect the appearance of our face. Of course, for dental problems, we can now fix them through orthodontic treatment. So before proceeding with orthodontic treatment, we need to know about the question of “what to pay attention to after orthodontic treatment“. The following is a detailed introduction to the relevant content.


First of all, what is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is the treatment of misaligned and deformed teeth through orthodontic or surgical procedures. It is mainly aimed at effectively solving dental problems such as uneven teeth, variation in tooth shape, missing teeth, and strange tooth color.

So, what should you pay attention to after orthodontic treatment?

Diet and Oral Hygiene

First of all, if you experience severe pain and the pain persists after wearing the aligner for the first time, you should seek medical attention in time. Also, pay attention to diet and oral hygiene.

In terms of diet, you should generally avoid chewing hard foods after surgery, such as spare ribs, beef jerky, walnuts, etc.; and some more viscous foods, such as chewing gum, glutinous rice products, candies, etc.; try not to drink beverages with high sugar content, Avoid tooth decay.

brush teeth

In terms of oral hygiene, you should use an interdental brush in the morning and evening to clean your mouth, clean up food residues left after meals, and keep your mouth clean and hygienic. If the aligner is damaged, it should be handled properly. If the damaged part is accidentally lost, it is necessary to contact the doctor in time to repair it as soon as possible so as not to affect the course of correction.

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