What if I tell you braces can change the appearance of your teeth and your face? Everyone knows bracelets make your teeth look better. But how do braces change the face? To answer this question we first have to understand the three classifications of the facial profile.

This is when your upper and lower jaw are in proper relation when you put your first finger sit slightly in front of your second finger.


This is when your upper jaw sits far forward than your lower jaw like forex Simpson.


This is when your lower jaw sits far forward than your upper jaw.


People with class 2 or class 3 will usually look quite different after they are authentic or braces treatment once your teeth and your relations have been corrected.

Can braces affect our lips? Our lips stress our teeth and jawbone. This is called lip support. In cases where patients have black teeth or increased overjet, changing the position of the upper front teeth is able to change the position of the lips thus the overall appearance. If you have an underbite where your lower lip sits far forward than your upper lip, correcting the alignment of your teeth is able to help create a more youthful appearance as you seat your lower lip slightly behind your upper lip, which is the way it’s supposed to be. But braces do not change the shape or the fullness of your lips. It can create an illusion of lip change when the position of the lips is outer.

Some patients might have a deep bite or open bite problems. When you have a deep bite, your upper teeth is overlapping excessively over your lower teeth. Your face might look shorter. As your deep light is being corrected, your face will be restored to a proper length.

deep bite

When you have an open bite, your teeth are unable to meet even when you close your jaws. Your face might appear longer and your mouth might appear stretched. As your open body is being corrected, your face will no longer look long and most importantly you’re able to bite and eat with this bracelet.

Open bite

To decide if you need to extract teeth for your order treatment. We first need to assess if there is crowding. Crowding means your teeth have no concept of social distancing and our tiny squeezed against one another. Trying to align teeth on a crowded arch is kind of trying to fit four people on a two-seat sofa. They might overlap each other. To enable proper sitting we will need to remove a few people. The same goes for your teeth.

To allow proper teeth alignment on a crowded arch, we might need to extract certain tools to create space. However, in certain cases instead of extraction, we can try to expand the arch to correct crowding. That’s like stretching the sofa so that more people can fit in.

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