in the public perception
Orthodontics can have consequences
Loose teeth, braces face, black triangle…
But is this all true?

loose teeth

loose teeth

Orthodontics does not cause loose teeth. If the teeth are loose, it can be attributed to the following two points:

1)During the orthodontic process, the oral hygiene is not well maintained, the brushing is not thorough, and the cleaning between the teeth is not in place, which leads to inflammation of the gums, and periodontal disease until the gums recede. The alveolar bone is lowered and cannot hold the teeth in place.

2)After the orthodontic treatment, the retainer is not worn carefully, or the retainer is not worn for enough time, which leads to the recovery of the teeth after the orthodontic treatment is completed.

Therefore, for loose teeth, as long as you maintain oral hygiene; wear retainers according to the doctor’s instructions, you can avoid it!

Braces face

“Braces face” actually refers to the sunken temples and cheeks caused by orthodontics, and the widening and protruding cheekbones, which makes many orthodontic patients feel that their faces are not as smooth and ugly as before. In short, “braces face” can be mainly attributed to the following three points:

1)In patients undergoing extraction, the dental arch will retract, causing the upper lip to retract and the cheekbones to appear higher.

2)During the orthodontic period, the occlusal relationship is dynamically adjusted, and the orthodontic time is long, and the masticatory muscles cannot be fully used, so the masseter and temporal muscles have atrophied to a certain extent.

3)Due to the thickness of the braces during the orthodontic process, the parts of the cheeks that are not supported by the braces appear sunken.

Therefore, as long as you fully communicate with the doctor before orthodontic treatment, taking into account the patient’s local cheekbones and prominent mouth shape; after orthodontic treatment, fully exercise the chewing muscles, and the braces face will naturally leave you.

black triangle on teeth

Black triangle

This issue is not as concerned as the first two, but it still causes trouble for many orthodontic patients. The “black triangle” generally occurs in orthodontic patients with crowded and irregular teeth. There are generally two reasons for the “black triangle”:

1)Due to the excessive force during the orthodontic process, the gums cannot accept the rapid movement and the resulting gum recession.

2)When our teeth are not aligned, our teeth are twisted to a certain extent. Now after pulling them back to a horizontal line, there will be a triangular gap between the teeth of the big triangle and the small one.

The “black triangle” is not irreversible, as long as everyone follows the requirements of the orthodontist’s plan, slowly after afterburning. Use a toothbrush and interdental brush to brush your teeth carefully every day to completely remove the dirt between the teeth and keep your gums healthy, and the black triangle will gradually improve.

yellow teeth

Teeth turning black and yellow

Before orthodontics, I also saw many netizens saying that after removing the braces, they found that the teeth where the braces were originally turned yellow and black. This is because the patient does not clean their teeth regularly. As long as the oral hygiene is carefully cleaned, the teeth are brushed well, and the calculus and soft scales are not formed, to avoid caries on the surface of the teeth, the teeth will not turn yellow or black.

Therefore, brushing your teeth carefully and maintaining oral health is what we need to maintain at all times.

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