Elastics or rubber bands work with the wires on your braces to mold and guide your teeth into your great smile. They’re as important as the wires for the success of your braces and your smile. They’re easy to wear and the I want you to know about them to get your great smile as quickly and comfortably as possible.

elastics for braces

The braces are the handles on each tooth. The wire and the elastics or rubber bands work together to place the gentle pressure to guide your teeth into position. And I do mean gentle. Our braces with the doors use gentler wires and we use gentle elastics to match. It feels better and the rubber bands are so small that people will hardly notice you’re wearing them.

Now wearing the elastics half the time doesn’t work half as well or at one half the speed – its way less than that. Full time wear is much more effective, and it feels better when the pressure is steadier. Part time elastic wear may never get us to the result you want.

how elastics work

Orthodontists will show you how to wear the elastics and how much. For most elastics, your teeth need you to wear them nearly all the time – day and night. Steady gentle pressure is the best way to move teeth. It’s the most comfortable and the teeth move faster. In fact in most cases, wearing your elastics only part of the time will simply not move your teeth to where we want. There are elastics orthodontists will ask you to wear at the front, but those can be worn at night when you sleep.

how to wear elastics

An elastic may break while you’re wearing them – not a problem. You hardly feel the light elastic when it lets go. Just pop a new elastic in. Keep a supply with you to keep your teeth moving. Now you want to get the habit of wearing the elastics so it feels weird when you’re not wearing them. If you need more elastics, just call or text your orthodontists, and they’ll mail out some more for you.

If you have any questions about the elastics, feel free to leave a comment below. Hope this blog helped you.

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