Orthodontics is a long process, so patients must understand the whole process of orthodontics and make adequate preparations.


1. Consult

Learn about the problems with your teeth, the time to straighten them, the cost, etc. Consult a few more hospitals, be aware of it, and then determine whether or not to have orthodontic treatment.

dental x-ray

2. Data Collection

This includes taking X-rays, blood tests, and file creation. The main purpose of taking X-rays is to observe the periodontal, root, and alveolar bone conditions, and then analyze whether the patient has a simple dental problem or a bone problem. The purpose of the blood test is mainly to check for the presence of infectious diseases to avoid cross-contamination. In addition, orthodontic treatment is a long-term process that requires a complete medical record file.

tooth plaster model

3. Take photos, make plaster casts

The model is measured and analyzed to determine the treatment plan. If the patient needs extraction, it is also necessary to determine whether there are other oral problems (cavities, calculus, periodontitis, etc.).

dental braces

4. Wearing Braces

After wearing the braces, you usually have to follow up once every 1-2 months. Each time it is adjusted according to the changes in the teeth, and the final treatment goal is gradually achieved. Generally, the treatment can be completed in about two years.

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