Some people may have a question, “I’m getting braces soon. Is there anything I need to know?” Before getting braces, the orthodontist will tell you about the risks and they will also speak about things you could do to keep your teeth healthy. You should finish your orthodontic treatment with healthy teeth and gums. However, some patients do experience problems.

healthy teeth and gums

Here are some of the potential risks.

1. Permanent marks on the teeth (decalcification)

If you do not keep your teeth and brace clean, you might get permanent marks on your teeth or decay. To avoid permanent marks or decay, make sure to read our blog.

2. Gum disease

If you do not brush your teeth and gums properly, your gums might become red and swollen. This can lead to lasting damage such as gum recession.

3. Root resorption

tooth root shortening

Brace treatment can cause minor shortening to the roots of the teeth. Occasionally root shortening can be more significant and affects the health of your teeth.

4. Relapse

After your treatment has finished, you must wear your retainers as instructed or your teeth may become crooked.

Here are two more questions mostly asked.

dental wax

The first is will my teeth be painful? They will likely be sore for 3 to 5 days after placement and each adjustment. You’ll be given wax in case your brace rubs. The second is should I still go to my normal dentist? You should continue to see your normal dentist during your brace treatment. Your dentist will carry out regular check-ups to monitor your tooth and gum health.

Hope this helped you.

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