Another important topic within the actual discussion of diet is having some choices around breast milk for infants. It is very healthy and recommended by many organizations within the medical and dental profession for children and infants to have breast milk up until the right age. It’s important to talk to your primary care physician, your pediatrician, or other health professionals about ways to be able to wean your child off of breast milk at the appropriate age. 

One thing that’s very important to keep in mind when it comes to either having a bottle with milk in it or other juices or beverages inside of a bottle is that we do not want to put any infants to sleep with a bottle. It sometimes can increase their risk of having something early childhood cavities, which is an unfortunate consequence of a child and infant having some sugary substance coating their teeth throughout the night. This puts them at a much higher risk of developing problems in the mouth.

There are many resources and other available articles to be able to help make healthy choices when it comes to a child’s diet. We do recognize that people from different backgrounds have different tastes in other foods. But we want to make sure that they are well informed about the choices that they make. Myplate is one of the most credible and well-established materials to help with making these choices.

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We hope that you found the information and materials presented in the oral hygiene instruction videos that we are providing somewhat helpful for providing additional information around promoting healthy oral habits. We understand that every person is different. But it’s very important to have some shared understanding around some of the things that we know will help protect your oral health and those of your children.

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