The best age for children’s orthodontics is the period of rapid growth and development of youth. Generally, girls are 11-13 years old and boys are 12-14 years old. After the teeth are replaced, the jaws still have development potential. This is the best period for fixed orthodontic treatment. Most malocclusions can be resolved at this time.

Orthodontics for children

Children are less cooperative than adults in maintaining oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. About 20% of children have to suspend orthodontic treatment due to improper post-orthodontic care, leading to oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis. What are the precautions after deformity?

child brushing teeth

Children should brush more often after orthodontic treatment

Braces will be worn to straighten the teeth, making it more difficult for patients to brush their teeth. The frequency of brushing should be controlled more than 3 times a day, and each brushing time should not be less than 3 minutes. It’s best to clean up every time you eat food and rinse your mouth.

Children's Oral Cleaning

Children also need to clean their teeth during the post-orthodontic correction

The correction cycle for orthodontic patients is generally two years. Many people do not pay enough attention to cleaning teeth during the orthodontic process. It is not enough to rely on cleaning before orthodontics (before wearing braces). It is better to ensure three times. That is, before orthodontic treatment, one year later, and once after the braces are removed. In addition, cleaning your teeth and replacing them with new steel wires in the middle of the orthodontic treatment course (usually one year) is conducive to maintaining oral hygiene in the second half of the course of treatment.

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