At first, you may find it difficult to clean your teeth and gums while wearing aligners; don’t worry, be patient, it will always be a little difficult at first, and you will get used to it over time.


First, remove the rubber band and the detachable part of the aligner; secondly, the recommended brushing method is to place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle along the gums, use a little force, and briefly clean the teeth back and forth, brushing one by one, Brush each tooth for about 10 seconds; also clean all the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth in the same way, don’t forget to brush the chewing surface of the teeth and make sure to brush the innermost teeth; clean the aligners last, brush the upper ones first device, and then brush the following. Brush lightly, being careful not to damage or bend the brackets and wires of the aligner.

rubber band

During orthodontic treatment, in addition to following the doctor’s instructions, you should also take care of the aligners on your teeth. You should avoid eating hard foods, such as bone foods, crabs, nuts, etc., and avoid eating large pieces of food, such as When eating apples, you should cut the apples into small pieces before eating. Avoiding the above-mentioned foods and reducing the food into small pieces can prevent the attachment of the aligner from loosening due to improper diet so that the entire orthodontic process can be completed smoothly. In addition, special care must be taken to take care of the teeth to prevent a recurrence.

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