A beautiful smile not only boosts self-confidence but also affects the overall quality of an individual’s life. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a perfect smile, but it’s not out of reach. Everyone knows how to straighten teeth at the most basic level: metal braces. But today, when considering cosmetic dentistry, people have more options than ever when it comes to dental aesthetics.

Invisible orthodontic treatment

Invisible treatment

Invisible aligners are one of the newest and most sought-after methods of orthodontic treatment available. A pair of aligners will be custom-made for the patient. Over time, the tray slowly changes the patient’s tooth arrangement in the direction instructed by the dentist or orthodontist. Although this method is designed to produce the same orthodontic results as a traditional brace, invisible braces look and feel significantly different from traditional braces. The aligner tray is made of clear plastic and fits comfortably around your teeth. With orthodontics, you need to replace the tray twice a month, replacing the old tray you are using with a new set of trays until the teeth are aligned.

Tooth Reshaping

Tooth Reshaping

If the teeth are misshapen, but not crooked, contouring or orthotics may be the best option. Generally, it takes less than 30 minutes to get it done with just one visit to the dentist. During treatment, the dentist changes the shape and length of the teeth. In some cases, the arrangement of the teeth is also altered for a more attractive appearance. Using an abrasive drill or laser, dentists gently sculpt and trim teeth by carefully removing enamel. As the enamel is removed, the shape of the treated tooth changes. Once the desired shape is achieved, the teeth will be smooth, neat and white.

metal braces

Metal Braces

And, of course, metal braces. The most common answer to how to straighten your teeth is to use braces. Braces usually consist of four parts: bracket, bonding material, arch wire and elastic ligature. These parts work together to press the teeth in a specific direction. Over time, the teeth move into the proper position. Different from the invisible orthodontic method, Invisalign is that when metal braces are used for orthodontic treatment, there will be clearly visible metal brackets and wire arch wires on the teeth. This is less aesthetically pleasing, but usually several times less expensive than other orthodontic treatments. In general, patients will need to wear braces for two years, but the length of time will vary depending on the dentist’s recommendation.

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