Today we’re going to talk about aligner chewies.

What are aligner chewies?

These are a one-dollar piece of plastic that will literally give you way better outcomes with your aligners. And if you are a consumer and you didn’t get chewy with your Invisalign or aligner case, you need to get one. Because this is pretty standard stuff and super important. You can buy them from most orthodontic supply companies in the stores or online. They’re not by prescription so consumers can go buy themselves if they want. There are yummy versions. Some have different flavors, such as mint, orange, strawberry, etc. They can also help fresh the breath too.

How to use aligner chewies?

They are bouncy and springy, and they help the aligner to engage over these attachments and over the undercuts of the teeth. You’ll get a way better outcome if you use the chewy regularly 10 to 15 minutes a day, especially the first three days after you switch to a new aligner.

What are the benefits after using them?

It also speeds up the bone turnaround and turnover process that making your treatment go quicker. Because as you munch on these chewies, your little cells and your bones are like waking up and moving the bone quicker. So it will actually make your treatment go faster by chewing around on this.

Hope this will be help!

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