I know you’re wondering do braces hurt. Well we’ll go over that today and we’ll discuss some pain management recommendations I have for you.

Do braces hurt?

Putting on braces does not hurt. However, it is normal to experience discomfort and soreness the first day and also a few days after getting braces or getting your first wire adjusted.

What should you do if your teeth are hurting?

The first thing you can do is to keep your teeth apart. You can keep a space between your top and bottom teeth. Another thing you can do is to eat softer food, softer meals like mashed potatoes or soups or pastas. In any case, avoid hard, sticky and chewy foods.

What should you do if your braces are scratching you or if you feel like there’s some soft tissue or cheek irritation?

The first thing you can do is rinse with warm salt water. You can rinse up to four times a day or even more. If you already have a sore on your cheek, you can even purchase a topical gel. This is a little bit of a pain reliever. You can apply it with Q-tip right over it and it will act as a protector and act as a pain reliever as well.

You can also apply wax to the area that’s poking you. You’ll have to find the brace or the wire where it’s actually sticking you and you can pinch a piece of wax off and place it right over that area, so that your cheek is resting on something smooth and soft.

What should you do if you are really hurting and you’re crying? You or your child is in pain. If that’s the case, I recommend taking over-the-counter pain medication. You can take Tylenol or children’s Tylenol. You can take Advil, Motrin, and Ibuprofen. Please follow the instructions on the leaflet on the box that’s appropriate to you and your age.

One thought on “How to Relieve Braces Pain? Some Tips

  1. I really appreciate you talking about different ways to put up with the daily pain that braces can give. My son is about to get some, and I want to help him with his everyday routine so it doesn’t get too painful for him. I’ll keep these tips in mind so we can help him practice them after we take him to an orthodontic dentist in the area.

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