Invisalign is a new orthodontic treatment method which uses removable clear aligners to move your teeth instead of traditional braces.

Who can be treated with Invisalign?

Invisalign is just a tool for your orthodontist to work with, just like braces. So it’s not Invisalign that doesn’t work. It’s your orthodontist that doesn’t work using Invisalign. So as long as you are comfortable with the system, there is really no restrictions.

Orthodontists do a lot of investment, and are very knowledgeable. So any type of cases that could be treated with braces, such as crowding, spacing, cross bite, or overbite, we can treat the same type of cases with Invisalign also.

How often can I remove my Invisalign trays?

We recommend that you only take them out to brush your teeth. Obviously, that’s the advantage of Invisalign also. Because you can remove them completely and brush normally. There’s no special technique like with braces, you can brush or floss normally. You can remove them when you eat, that’s another advantage of Invisalign. You take the trays out and you can eat the same type of foods that you would eat without Invisalign. But in order for them to work properly and for your treatment to progress, you should wear them nearly close to twenty two hours a day.

What it the processes of receiving Invisalign treatment?

The process is very simple. You come in for consultation. Orthodontists take a scan of your teeth. No more unpleasant impressions. It’s literally a 3d scan of all your teeth. Orthodontists submit the scan to Invisalign then they send back a computer simulation of your teeth. The doctors will go and modify it to fit your treatment objectives and the desired results. Once modified, Invisalign will manufacture their aligners and shipping back. Then you come for appointments, orthodontists will help you try them in and how to take them out. Someone will give you all the instructions. You come back after eight to twelve weeks we check to make sure the treatments progressing as planned and get a new set of aligners. You do it until you’re done and happy with your smile.

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