The most exciting part about getting your braces is receiving a beautiful smile after you are done with your treatment. But there are still a lot of fun parts along the way. One topic that always ask about is choosing colors for their braces. Having the option to personalize your braces can make your treatment much more stylish! Today we will help you choose the best colors for your braces.

An elastic tie is a type of ligature tie that fits around your bracket. With some braces, this elastic tie is used to hold the arch wire in place. These ties are made of rubber and come in a variety of colors. You will have the option to change these colors every time you come in for an adjustment appointment

So what colors should you choose?

Let’s start with what colors you should avoid.

It is best to avoid yellow and brown because these colors will make your teeth look stained and unclean. Now you might think choosing white ties would make your teeth whiter, but in fact they will make your teeth look less white. This is because when you put a bright white tie on top of your teeth, your teeth will look more yellow by comparison. Another color that would be good to avoid is dark green, this is because it can look like you have food stuck in your braces.

Now let’s talk about what colors you should choose!

A safe bet that will always look good is to go with a darker color such as a dark blue. This is because darker colors will make your teeth look brighter compared to the ties. If you have naturally darker teeth, then a good option is to go with a clear or silver color. This will really help brighten up your smile.

Don’t forget that you can combine colors! Combining colors gives you endless possibilities. When combining colors you can pick options based on themes. Popular theme ideas include holidays or your favorite sports team. You can get orange and black for Halloween or red and white for Valentine’s Day.

These are all great tips but remember that the most important thing is to choose colors you want. If you can’t decide on a color, you can’t go wrong with picking your favorite color. Even if a color you want wasn’t recommended, pick it anyways!

We want to hear what colors you want on your braces. Leave a comment below telling us what color ties you are choosing at your next adjustment appointment and why.

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