Receiving braces is a big commitment and most people have a lot of questions about what to expect. Some common expectations are not necessarily true. Today we will debunk the top 4 braces myths.

Number four: your braces off day is set in stone

After getting your braces on, you are probably going to wonder when they will be taken off. It is important to remember that your orthodontist will do their best to give you an accurate timeline. But there is no set deadline. There are so many nuances to straightening teeth that there is always some legal room to the length of treatment. On the flip side, your treatment may be done sooner than expected. Either way this date may change based on how your teeth respond to orthodontic treatment.

Number three: you will start to see results immediately

When you have made the commitment to getting braces, you are probably eager to see results. But you must be patient. Straightening teeth the correct way is a gradual process. This is to help you protect the roots of your teeth. With a little patience and time, you will have a straighter more beautiful smile before you know it.

Number two: braces are going to hurt

With modern orthodontic technologies, there are a lot of ways to prevent discomfort when having braces. Braces have been designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Your orthodontist will always do their best to make you comfortable when you come in for an appointment. You can expect a little discomfort or soreness after getting your braces on and during your regular adjustment appointments while your teeth are getting used to the new wires and bands. If you are having discomfort at home you can always call your orthodontist for ways to relieve discomfort at home. There is no reason that you should be in pain. So please do not hesitate to contact your orthodontist.

Number one: office visits are not necessary to get straight teeth

No visits equals no monitoring equals no good. It is important that your gums, teeth and jaws are monitored during treatment by a qualified orthodontist. Even the most carefully planned treatments need to be closely monitored to ensure that your treatment stays on course. By monitoring your treatment, a trained orthodontist will be able to make adjustments if your treatment plan does not stay on course. Adjustment appointments are the most common types of appointments and they are necessary to give the beautiful smile you are looking for.

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