Getting braces is a big investment and if you are going to put the time into straightening your teeth, then you should also invest into cleaning and protecting your beautiful smile. Today we are going to cover the top three products that you need for your braces.

It’s important to make sure you have good oral hygiene while your braces are on in order to prevent white spots on your teeth after removing your braces. Bad oral hygiene can also delay your treatment. That is why we have included products that will help you keep your smile clean. It is also important to protect your braces during orthodontic treatment. That is why we have included products that will help you achieve just that.

Number three: mouth guards

Mouth guards, sometimes called mouth protectors, help reduce the impact of an object when hit in the mouth. This reduces injuries to your teeth, tongue, face and jaw. If you play sports this is a must to protect your braces. Mouth guards do not cost very much and they can prevent you from needing to spend a lot of money repairing damages caused by injuries.

Number two: water flosser

There are many benefits to flossing such as brighter smile, prevention of gum disease, stop tooth decay between teeth, fresher breath. But flossing is also commonly complained about when trying to complete an oral hygiene routine. Luckily, there’s this new technology that can make this easier but still give you the great benefits of flossing. This electric flosser cleans between your teeth by using a jet of compressed air combined with water or mouthwash. Using this water pick is two times as effective as regular brushing and flossing. And it can remove up to 99% of plaque from treated areas.

Number one: electric toothbrush

Brushing is always important for keeping up with your oral hygiene. But when you have braces it is extra important. An electric toothbrush is clinically proven to be more effective than a manual toothbrush. The Meyarn toothbrush has an orthodontic brush head that can be replaced with new brush heads. A timer is included to ensure that you complete your brushing routine every time for two minutes.

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