Today we will talk about aligner seaters, clenches and chewies, and a little bit about how to use them.

The fit of your aligners is directly related to the success of your treatment. Whether you use clenches, chewies or aligner seaters is a matter of preference. But whichever you choose, using them regularly will ensure a nice, tight fit for your aligners to your teeth and therefore a nice, steady forward progress in your treatment.

You will want to use your clenches five to eight times a day for about two to three minutes each time. Plus every time you replace your aligners. The goal here is just to make sure your aligners are fitting nice and tight, and there are no gaps in between your aligners and your teeth. Five to eight times a day for two to three minutes plus each time you replace you aligners is a good bar to meet, but the more you can use your clenches, the better your aligners will stay fitting, and the more efficiently your teeth will cooperate with the treatment.

The aligner seaters especially help on teeth with less surface area, for example, teeth with smaller crowns. Chewies also help with locking in your attachments to your aligners. If you see an attachment that’s almost locked in, it’s time to use your chewie a little bit more. It’s a good idea to keep a chewie on you at all times. Maybe in your aligner care case.

If you do run out, go ahead and find on for some more. Meyarn invisalign seaters are orthodontist approved. They help to seat aligner trays properly, make your treatment process smoother and keep your face in a charming shape. They are soft enough to bite comfortably.  They are made of food-grade silicone, reusable to last for weeks. There are 4 flavors to help fresh the breath.

You may need to use your aligner seaters a little bit more in the first three to four days after switching to a new set. And remember, before switching to a new set to check your aligners to make sure they’re fitting properly, a little bit of chewie exercise can go a long way when aligners are almost fitting.

Hope this will help you with your Orthodontic treatment.

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