Is your face hurting you? Are you finding it difficult to eat? Do you cry yourself to sleep at night? Today we will talk about how to make Invisalign less painful.

Tip number one: when it comes time to go on to the next tray, put it in the night. The peak of soreness is just after you put in a new tray. If you put it in at night. you get to sleep through some of that pain and you get to wake up feeling a little less sore than usual. If you put it in first thing in the morning, you have to live through that entire day of pain.

Tip number two: use your Chewies. They are not only helpful for helping to push your new tray into your teeth, they are also very soothing and very massaging. Like babies when they’re teething, they like to chew on stuff.

Tip number three: before you put in a fresh aligner, take your finger and feel the edges. If there is even the slightest point or rough edge, it will cut your tongue. If you feel any roughness at all take a nail file and file that down. Even a teeny tiny little pointy part may make your tongue bleed. so be careful because you don’t need any more pain. You can also use a wax to help.

Tip number four: avoid crunchy or chewy foods the day after you put in a new aligner. Eat some soup, or eat a smoothie, just keep it soft or keep it liquid or keep it gentle on your teeth until the soreness starts to subside.

Tip number five: be gentle when you’re flossing. Maybe you have some pretty big gaps opening up on the sides of your teeth. Because of these gaps, food get stuck in there so easily and when you’re flossing a gap it’s so easy to hurt your gums. So be gentle when you’re flossing if you have any gaps and your teeth be extra cautious with those spots. If you are too rough in the gaps, you might cause some irritation, bleeding or gum soreness. Be gentle and take your time. Don’t be distracted, a moment of roughness equals potentially many days of pain.

There are some tips for making Invisalign less painful. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I wish you nothing but pain free days ahead.

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