What are Invisalign chewies? Why you may need to use them? And how to use them?

Invisalign chewies come in different colors, which means they are in different flavors. Why they could be useful to you during your aligner treatment? Using the chewies a few times, they can actually speed up your treatment. They are also super useful when the aligners are little bit tight and there is a bit of gap between the tooth and the aligner. So, they will be recommended specifically at the beginning of your treatment to make sure that the aligners sit properly and become as efficient as possible for you.

Meyarn Invisalign chewies are Orthodontist Approved. They will help aligner trays properly, make your treatment process smoother and keep your face in a charming shape. They are soft enough to bite comfortably. Hard enough to hold the tray effectively. There is a white handle for you to hold the chewies much more easily. They are reusable and durable, made of food-grade silicone and can last for weeks. There are 4 flavors to help fresh the breath: white is unscented, orange is orange, green is mint and red is strawberry.

Now let’s talk about how to use them in the best way possible. First of all, pop your aligners in and apply a gentle pressure squeezing over the chewies with your aligners for a few minutes. Now the chewies should be squeezed to the side if you feel like your aligners to sit more towards the back. You can also do it towards the front. You will find it super easy, just squeeze them and they will really help your aligners to sit properly and speed up your treatment.

Maybe you will get one set of chewies from your doctor. If you want additional extra chewies during your treatment, you can always find them online. If you have any doubts during the treatment, you can always ask your dentist or the clinical team that are always on hand to answer any cons

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