There are lots of pros of invisalign.

First of all, it’s probably more comfortable. The reason why it’s more comfortable is because if you’re trying to move a tooth from here to here, braces pushes it hard. Invisalign segments that movement out very slowly and the magnitude of force placed on the tooth is actually a more even force. That’s what makes it more comfortable.

Second, there’s a tremendous value hygienically to being able to take invisalign trays in and out of your mouth. Braces accumulate plaque around them. It’s difficult to clean around. You can take the aligners out easily with this removal tool and keep them in the case for keeping clean, then you can brush and floss normally. So there’s a great hygienic advantage to it. You can eat whatever you want because you can clean your teeth after you’ve eaten them.

Third, there’s also an advantage in terms of less emergency appointments. There’s just less opportunity for breakage. With braces, sometimes even despite patients that follow rules and don’t eat really hard things or really sticky things can break. With invisalign, there’s very few things that can break and when they do break they tend not to cause problems. They won’t cause pain or discomfort. So there is also a comfort advantage there.

And the last, a lot of times it fits into people’s lifestyles really well so maybe they don’t want people to know that they’re doing orthodontic treatment, invisalign is just a little more inconspicuous.

5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Choosing Invisalign

  1. I appreciate you discussing how there’s much less opportunity for breakage when you get Invisalign. Breaking wires and causing potential mouth cuts definitely sounds like something that would annoy any child, so I’d want to prevent that as much as possible. Once I find an Invisalign expert in the area, I’ll definitely get their help with this so my son can get some.

  2. My friend wants to try looking for a girlfriend and a potential life partner. I like your idea of investing in a teeth aligner for a confident and brighter smile! Maybe we should look around for a dentist that can help him out with this before going to speed dates!

  3. I love how you explained how Invisalign can simply be taken out and slipped back in when you need the treatment to work. This really sounds much more convenient than anything my son has heard about braces, so it would be for the best if we can find someone that can supply him with some trays. When I find a dentist in the area, I’ll make sure that I get them to assist my son with what he needs.

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