Interdental brushes are small bottle brushes that you can use to clean in between your teeth.

The size of the brush that you use depends on the size of the gaps in between your teeth. There are different size of interdental brushes for you to choose. You can find the most suitable one for you. Essentially, you can go to your dentist, or your hygienist, and they can explain which brush would be great for you.

The way that you use these, is that you place it in between your teeth. As you’re putting it in between your teeth, put it all the way through, but do make sure that you don’t poke the gum on the inside of your pallet on the inside. You’ve got to orientate it through your tooth, and then, press it along one side of the tooth, and then retract it back. Then, you can give it a wash, if you’ve got debris on it.

Reapply it into the same place, press it against the other side of the tooth, and then retract it back. In that way, you’re cleaning both of the surfaces of the teeth, and you’ve got a nice clean area at the end. Once you’re done cleaning it, give it a wash, and then you can place it away.

Each one should usually last you more than one sort of use. Usually, you can use them for about a week, or so, each. But, if you find that the bristles are coming away, or they’re bending back on themselves, discard it sooner and get a new one.

When you first start using these brushes, if you’ve not used them before, you may find that your gum starts bleeding. Your gums are bleeding because they will be irritated and inflamed from all the debris there. When you start using these, you’ll find over a period of time, the more you use them, the healthier your gums will become, because you are then removing the debris regularly from your teeth.

We recommend to use them at least once a day before you brush your teeth. So you remove the debris from in between your teeth, and then you brush it away at the end. Remember, to give them a wash and keep them safely, so you can use them again the next time.

Generally speaking, you don’t have to lubricate these brushes with any mouthwash or toothpaste. But, if you go and see your hygienist or your dentist, and they recommend otherwise, they might have some personal recommendations just for you.

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