I’ve developed this routine for a long time. It’s straight to the point, easy, and keeps my breath fresh and my teeth clean!

  1. Brush your teeth

This is the electric toothbrush that I use. I do want to show you how I position my toothbrush when brushing my teeth. I use circular motions to go against my teeth, which is the standard way of brushing your teeth. Then I flip my toothbrush from the bottom so that I can get the top of my bracket. I point it downwards and get the top of my brackets and then position it upwards so that I can get the bottom of my brackets. This is to get rid of any gunk or any food that may have been twisted around my brackets and to get all the possible areas. You have to pay special attention to your teeth, especially in braces. I like to get all the areas I possibly can.


The brand of two toothpaste doesn’t really matter to me. The one I am using is called Colgate optic white. It’s at the dollar store. I use a dollar store whatever seems cool to me.

3. Brush my tongue

And then I’m about to move on into me brushing my tongue. I do brush my tongue with the tongue scraper. You can also lightly tap it with your toothbrush to get the process going.

This is the tongue brush that I use. It’s by the brand Meyarn and it’s very simple. I highly recommend this brand. I’ve used some before that were a little bit too coarse and they scraped my taste buds.

I brush my tongue for about a minute and 30 seconds and I try to get off as much as the gunk as I possibly can.


I choose thinner floss when I’m wearing braces. It allows you to go behind your wire so you can floss in between your teeth as you would. If you didn’t have braces on, it cuts down so much time. If they don’t fit behind your wire, don’t try and force it. Just go back to regular floss.

5. Mouthwash

After flossing I’d like to use mouthwash. I use the Listerine total care. It’s pretty good. I’m not really in the business of doing any whitening with my braces on. I just need something that will help me protect my teeth. It claims to kill bad breath, help prevent cavities. 

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