I want to talk to you about the Top Four Things I think you should know before you start orthodontic treatment.

1. Know what type of treatment you want

There are multiple different ways to move teeth. If you move teeth with metal braces, clear braces, both of them go on the front of the teeth. You can do them with lingual braces, which go on the inside of the teeth. You can do it with Invisalign. Honestly, those are probably the top choices. You don’t necessarily need to know for sure like I want to do lingual braces or I want to do Invisalign. But if you do have something specific you want to know or you want to make sure that your orthodontist provides that. Because not every orthodontist provides Invisalign, lingual braces, or clear braces. There are even some gold braces out there. There’s a lot of different choices. You don’t necessarily need to know for sure which one you want to do. But if you do know that and you should probably make sure that your orthodontist provides that option.

2. Go to an orthodontist instead of a dentist

If you want it done very properly, an orthodontist is the best choice. This is the reason: Would you take your car to a mechanic shop that may service your type of car once a month or would you want to take it to a shop that services your type of car ten times a day?

You’d want to do the latter one because they know exactly what’s gonna happen. It’s the same thing with orthodontists. There’s a dentist that does orthodontics a couple of times a week. But an orthodontist does it about 60 patients a day. Of course, they know the ins and outs of braces and all the different types of orthodontic treatments. Because they see so much of it.

3. Be familiar with all aspects of your treatment

What type of treatment you will get? How long the treatment is? Are you gonna use appliances? Are you gonna use anything different? Make sure that you know what is going on in your particular treatment.

Orthodontists get tons of second opinions and it can blow their minds when they talk to the patients. What did you like or not like about the previous orthodontist? How did the last console go? How long do they tell you the treatment was? Did they say that you’re gonna do anything special? The patient always doesn’t know. They are just gonna do braces and that’s it. That is crazy to orthodontists because some treatments are a couple of months and some are gonna be a couple of years. There are huge differences. It’s very important when you’re being treated or when you do the consult to know what’s going on. You want to know the differences to make sure that your treatment goes as smooth as possible and you’re as knowledgeable as possible as well.

4. Finances

Finances are super important and maybe the most important to some of you. It’s funny how many extra add-ons patients get. It’s important, to be honest up front so that you would know the full price.

Those are the four top things you should know before you start your orthodontic treatment. You should only do orthodontics once. Thank you so much for reading and wish you all good luck!

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